10 YouTube Automation Tools to Boost Your Channel (2022)

Mar 27, 2022

YouTube is so huge that not everyone who wants to make a living of it can do so. There are some people who find themselves in this situation and looking for ways to make money on YouTube without having to resort to creating videos. The YouTube automation tools they create help them earn more money on YouTube while giving them the freedom of using their time and effort however they please.

We’ve all been there: you have a video idea and you need to use the footage that you gathered on your vacation, or what happened at the recent conference, or at least the videos of cats. And then you realize that it would take an eternity to manually upload each video one by one.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some magic tool that would do the work for you? There is! This article will introduce ten of the best YouTube automation tools on offer in 2022 and how each can help your video marketing efforts.

What exactly is YouTube Automation?

YouTube has come out with a way for users to automate their searching process using “youtube-robo” which automatically searches and displays the most recent related video without having to click on each video in the search list

YouTube automation is the process of employing a tool to automatically upload videos to your YouTube channel. This can be accomplished either by scheduling postings or by uploading the video files to your account and letting the computer handle the rest. So, you ask, what are the ideal tools for the job? Take a look at this.

Best YouTube Automation Tools:

Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy - YouTube Automation

Tube Buddy is a YouTube automation tool that automates your videos to make them easy, and in return, you can make more money on Youtube. All you need to do is use our tube buddy bot which will automatically update new videos when a video is uploaded.

It takes a playlist of videos and automatically selects one that matches the theme you specify. For example, if you want to work on your golf game, it will display a video of superstars in action on the links.

It is hands-free and requires very little input from you to execute but offers unlimited customization for any niche or interest imaginable.

It’s an ingenious way to watch (and learn from) hours of video tutorials without having to spend hours looking for them! It’s also great for entrepreneurs who are so busy running their business that they don’t have time to make all those important decisions about which videos best help them progress.


UseViral - YouTube Automation

UseViral is amongst the best YouTube automation tools in 2022, with over 200 million subscribers and 3 billion views per day. It is a standalone software that can be installed on any device (Windows, macOS, Android).

The software can take videos from any location on the internet and upload them to your YouTube channel — no need to download the video.

It has a built-in browser, so you can view any website from that browser, then click the “share” button on the screen and choose which option to share the site via UseViral.

Multiple other software providers offer similar services, usually by integrating their app with another tool or service. You can try every available YouTube automation tool. But unfortunately, you’ll fail to find any software that gives you what UseViral gives which is 100% free, has fast speeds, no need for proxy or VPN.



VidIQ is a tool with a variety of features that are designed to help you do all your video activities, such as uploading videos, editing captions, adding keywords to keywords lists, and more.

The app uses AI technology to analyze the video content you upload so that it can understand what your video is about. In other words, VidIQ will be able to create an appropriate title and description for your YouTube channel.

It is offered in three different modes: Home Mode from where you can buy the video license, you can use VidIQ for free even in the home mode. You can make it act as self-sufficient by installing an MP3 quality converter and uploading your videos directly to it from your phone.

Also, Business Mode provides you with some additional features such as the ability to track how many subscribers are watching your videos and Live Mode.



Stormviews is the leading YouTube automation tool for those looking to grow their channel. The cutting-edge service provides several features including, but not limited to 24/7 support along with weekly support sessions with our team of experts.

It provides data and analytics on every video you post – from watch rate to average time watched. You can also get unlimited uploading and storage space

#1 in customer satisfaction with every single client in our database receiving a rating of 9.0 or higher on a scale of 1-10.

This makes Stormviews an award-winning YouTube automation tool that helps you stay ahead of your content marketing game by automating everything from your daily routine to ensuring that videos are available for the maximum number of viewers possible.


Socinator - YouTube Automation

Socinator is a great and reliable YouTube automation tool that is ready for you to use. It allows users to schedule and automate tasks. From posting simple videos to more complex ones, it’s the easiest way to do so without too much effort.

The app is suitable for beginners who are just starting on YouTube and want a website or tool that won’t take up a lot of their time or effort for them to excel at what they love doing. With this application, people can make and share high-quality content with ease as well as learn some new skills in the process!

Socinator is still one of the most ambitious and powerful YouTube automation tools on the market. It all started with a Kickstarter, launched in 2020, which eventually grew into a fully functioning service that could be used for all sorts of video posting purposes – from simple video scheduling to much more creative and interactive automated posts.

You can do just about anything using Socinator, including automatically creating slideshows with your favorite videos on them or configuring how often to post videos from various channels.



It’s 2022, and you know what the #1 YouTube automation tool of the year is? It’s Followersup!

Ever since the day YouTube introduced its new update that allows for a much more streamlined customer experience, it seems like everyone has been raving about this amazing new automation tool.

Followersup is the best YouTube automation tool in 2022. It gathers YouTube analytics and leverages that data to help you grow your channel, while also providing some other features such as a playlist creator, recommended content recommendations, and tooltips on how to improve your videos.

Followersup allows you to set up automatic posts and videos, which will be generated by custom-created scripts that target specific audiences.


SidesMedia - YouTube Automation

SidesMedia has been around for a long time now. It automatically routes all the videos to your feed so you don’t have to worry about wasting your time watching crap. The best part is that it’s also a website where you can learn tons of different things, get awesome challenges and games, or just enjoy some good old-fashioned entertainment!

You can even earn coins by completing tasks and surveys! This is one of the most valuable YouTube Automation tools on the market right now and it will only be getting better as we head closer to 2022 and this technology gap widens.

The app offers a variety of features, including the ability to upload unlimited videos without human intervention and the ability to automate video responses for other channels. SidesMedia was designed for video-makers who are already busy with their jobs or schooling.

Don’t wait any longer – sign up right now for an account at SidesMedia.


TubeAssistPro - YouTube Automation

With the rise in online videos and online video creators, YouTube has been becoming a huge source of entertainment. With an audience, this large, the competition on YouTube is getting harder and harder to make a name for yourself on the website.

Luckily, someone has created amazing software that can automatically create awesome YouTube videos for you- TubeAssistPro! What’s even better is that it doesn’t take up your time by doing all the work for you- it just lets you reap the rewards of all your hard work!

In no time at all, with this automation tool, it’s possible to have over 50 channels with high-quality content on YouTube. How does this magic YouTube software work?

As its name suggests, TubeAssistPro can create outstanding YouTube videos for you. You might be wondering how an automation tool could take the place of a human editor. Well, firstly, your videos don’t need to be perfect for them to get views. On top of that, it’s much easier to sell a concept than it is to convince people to subscribe.

Auto Social YouTube (ASB)

Auto Social YouTube (ASB)

Auto Social YouTube (ASB) is without a doubt the most popular YouTube automation tool in 2022. It has made waves in the market by facilitating a seamless, painless user experience and optimizing social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest with its built-in schedulers.

ASB has completely revolutionized how people view and share YouTube content.

For example, if a user wakes up during the day to see that ASB has scheduled their YouTube video on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest within minutes of publishing their video, they are more likely to like the video.

Moreover, users watch more videos when they have less competition and are confident in their search results.

People do not forget this automation tool. People continue to use it because ASB is painless to use and saves time.

Media Mister

Media Mister

Media Mister is a new media automation program created in 2022, which enables users to automatically create, schedule, and publish content on all social media platforms.

It uses AI to record and transcribe live interviews, presentations, and lectures. The software captures information in real-time via voice recognition, machine learning, natural language processing, and text-to-speech.

When it comes to transcription services MM will significantly lower the barrier of entry for people looking to produce content because they can now rely on the product’s advanced technology rather than hiring human transcriptionists at prohibitive pricing.

MM is going to be a game-changer for content creation when it enters into beta in 2020 and it presents an opportunity for advertisers by allowing them unprecedented access to the highly relevant video

Final Words:

In conclusion, YouTube is a very interesting platform. As we’ve seen with the introduction of YouTube automation tools, it’s been changed many times in recent years. In 2022, YouTube is much more automated than before. There are hundreds of thousands of new options to help people become successful, and not just on YouTube.

So if you’re looking for automation solutions for your YouTube channel or business, or anything else in life that requires attention and time, these 10 best YouTube automation tools will help you succeed at your most ambitious goals!

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