3 Origami Office Essentials for the Digital Nomad

Dec 2, 2021

It has been a wild 24 months for all of us. The world, and how we interact with it, seems to be changing every day. How we live, how we socialize, and how we work have changed dramatically. Nine to five in the same cubicle is no longer the norm, and now many of us find ourselves working from hot-desks, our living rooms, or coffee shops when we need to escape from home!

Personally, this has been a huge positive; I love the variety of being able to work from anywhere. However, in my job where I’m always on the move, I’m looking to optimize my mobile workflow. That doesn’t just mean dongles, backpacks, and travel jackets; it means my mobile office. 

Laptop sleeves and phone cases no longer just need to be neoprene sleeves or plastic cases. Now, thanks to thoughtful origami-inspired design by the team at MOFT, your mobile office experience can be a productive, lightweight, and elegant one. These three items have genuinely enhanced my work as I edit photos on my lap, take video calls in coffee shops, and slim down my phone and wallet combo to bring less with me.

Sit-Stand Laptop Desk

A red dot award winner, the MOFT Z is an ingenious tool for anyone who works from a laptop or tablet, and particularly for those on the move. This portable Sit-Stand Desk provides five different angles to suit your working style, or your location. While comfort is a key part of this design, so is your health! You can vary your posture throughout the day to stay active and healthy!

MOFT Sit-Stand Laptop Desk

The MOFT Z is only 0.5 inches thick when folded (around the thickness of an iPad Pro with case) and is a lightweight 30oz. That’s impressive considering that it can give you an extra 10 inches height when using the full stand mode and hold up to 22 pounds in weight! It slides into my laptop sleeve in my backpack alongside my iPad easily and doesn’t make a noticeable difference to carrying weight for me. Made out of vegan leather, fiberglass, and some magic magnets, this is a premium product.

Sit-Stand Laptop Desk MOFT Sit-Stand Laptop Desk

One of the most obvious benefits of the MOFT Z is just how stable it is; not once did I have concerns about a freefalling iPad. You can adjust your angle from the full stand down through a 60º, 45º, 35º, and 25º range. I found them all to be useful in different situations. But I mostly found myself using the full height and 25º angles most of the time; occasionally the 60º for reading or consuming media. However, the 45º and 35º didn’t work for me with my iPad Pro Magic Keyboard, as the angle on the keyboard doesn’t adjust to that level. On my wife’s laptop, I didn’t run into any issues. 

MOFT Sit-Stand Laptop Desk MOFT Sit-Stand Laptop Desk

What is most impressive about the MOFT Z though is how quickly you can adjust your working situation with a few folds! The origami-inspired nature makes it swift to adapt on the fly. I can go from writing or editing to video calls in seconds. It takes a couple of days to get used to the different folding patterns, but once you have it down, it’s hard not to love. I’m a bit of an efficiency fiend, so this is the ultimate addition to my working setup. 

MOFT Sit-Stand Laptop Desk

iPhone 13 Case with Snap On Phone Stand and Wallet

To complement the MOFT Z is the 0.2” thick Snap On Phone Stand and Wallet. This simple yet elegant accessory is made from vegan leather and comes in a variety of colors to complement your style or your actual phone. This stand and wallet combo connect with great ease to the impact-resistant (5-foot drop protection) TPU phone case. As with all of MOFT’s products, the case is understated and the white will match any color iPhone.

MOFT iPhone 13 Case with phone stand and wallet

The vegan leather wallet and stand combo allows you three ways to enjoy your content. Streaming, browsing, and video conferencing. In reality, they all work very well! I find myself mainly using the horizontal video conferencing mode as it provides the best marriage of angle and stability. Thanks to the MagSafe connection, it is incredibly easy to switch up on the go. The origami fold also makes for a very comfortable hold; your fingers naturally find their way into the gap provided by the stand. 

MOFT iPhone 13 Case with phone stand and wallet

The wallet portion can hold three cards, you can choose what combination that is! I still prefer to carry a separate wallet most of the time, but I do find it useful for an ID/credit card when running short errands. You could comfortably fit a few folded bills in there too. The microfiber lining makes it easy to get cards in and out, particularly after the leather is broken in from a few uses. The Snap Stand and Wallet are also a great office tool. They allow you to continue to charge your phone while using the stand, and you can easily place a MagSafe charger between the stand and the phone. This provides you both accessibility and the power that you need to listen to your podcasts and host your video calls while keeping you topped up for when you’re on the go again!

iPhone 13 Case with phone stand and wallet

Laptop Carry Sleeve

Available in 13”, 14”, and 16” variations, the laptop carry sleeve is the final piece of our portable office puzzle. As you remove the laptop or iPad from the sleeve, a quick pull on the corners gives you two viewing angles based on your needs – either 15º or 25º. 

Laptop Carry Sleeve

Made from vegan leather, with a soft microfiber lining, this is a slim and lightweight case. This makes it perfect for local commuting or a little extra protection and organization in your usual travel setup. 

MOFT Laptop Carry Sleeve

The expandable neoprene storage sleeve (accessed internally) held my iPhone 13 Pro Max with ease, and could comfortably house an external SSD, cables, and charger. There is also a small sleeve for a business card or two! For iPad users, it’s worth noting that the 13” sleeve I tested did not close around my iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard combined. This is easily remedied by going to the 14” case, but worth bearing in mind!

MOFT Laptop Carry Sleeve

These MOFT products have made quite the difference to my mobile office during testing, more than I expected them too. These three products are intelligently designed, made from thoughtful materials, and they’re excellent value for money. You could own all three for the price of one luxury laptop case. When used in tandem, these three fold-away accessories help you transform any surface into a sleek, modern, and functional workspace at a moment’s notice.

Laptop Carry Sleeve

This article was sponsored by the fine folks at MOFT. Thanks for the support!

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