5 Advantages Of Digital Marketing Substantial For Every Business [Video]

Apr 30, 2022

In a world that is progressing so fast when it comes to technology, digital marketing has become a largely prominent approach to …

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🔮 Hey! I’m Denis Shatalin and I help founders turn SaaS startups into money printers. Check out 10K Roadmap to learn how 🙂Growth hacking your startup is about the mindset shift. My growth hacking tutorial explains that you want to be looking for actions that require least input and bring you the highest output. I shared 5 startup growth strategies I use to increase saas sales, and which opportunities I look for. When you want to exponentially grow your startup sales - set 5X goals, invest 10% of your time into high-reward activities and apply other growth hacking tips from this video. No matter if you're in SaaS or RetailTech, these growth hacking tips will scale you faster.Apply for Founder Transformation Program: 👨‍🏭 Save 12 months and $5000 by avoiding most common mistakes of SaaS founders: 👨‍🔧 #SaaSSales #DenisShatalin---------🍭--------------------------------- 🍭 ---------------------------------🍭-----------------------------🍭---------I'm sure you'll enjoy these video too:🏹How To Do Marketing For SaaS - Marketing Strategy▶️ to see more content like this?👍 Like the video (it helps a ton!)💬 Comment below to share your opinion!🔗 Share the video with anyone you think it might help :)Like this video? SUBSCRIBE to my channel, you'll inspire me to make another one 😉👉🍭--------------------------------- 🍭 ---------------------------------🍭-----------------------------🍭---------👋 Let's connect on socials: 📲Twitter:📲Instagram:📲LinkedIn:📲Telegram: videos from " Denis Shatalin ":🌀How to get first customers for your SaaS▶️🌀 How to price your SaaS startup▶️🌀 First B2B sale in 17 days with▶️🌀 Founder Transformation Program▶️🌀 Startup Roast 1: Hire in Public▶️ for watching the video! 👉 Subscribe to the channel for more and press the BELL 🔔 icon to get updated about new ones:"Mysteries"Instrumental by Homage

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This week on the Startup Gambit Podcast we're joined by Dan Spottsville, CEO and Co-Founder of Valynt Digital. Valynt is a digital marketing agency that uses data-driven marketing to help you find your audience and communicate directly with them. Dan’s been running digital campaigns for 12 years and by many is considered a "go to person" when it comes to raising capital using digital marketing for Reg A, Reg D, and Reg CF offerings.We talked to Dan about creating a strategy that can maximize the outputs of data-driven marketing. We also actually talk about the specific boxes that Dan checks when creating data driven campaigns. These details make the difference between a campaign you built by watching tutorials and one that activates (or creates) your full marketing funnel, retargets your ideal person and then converts. You're not going to listen to this episode and not come away having learned something about the power of data and how it's you're likely not leveraging it for your business needs. Listen to this episode and then share it with someone you know that uses this thing that we call the internet.SHOW OUR SPONSOR SOME LOVEMeridian » WITH THE STARTUP GAMBIT PODCASTInstagram »📧 EMAIL US » ✨ CONNECT WITH HASTE AND HUSTLEINSTAGRAM » » » »✨ KEEP IN TOUCH WITH SHAUNA:INSTAGRAM » » »✨ KEEP IN TOUCH WITH DEVON:INSTAGRAM » » » for listening!

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