9 Beautiful & Useful Apparel WordPress Themes

Mar 3, 2022
Free Safest Good-Looking Fonts To Use in 2022 

The use of new and creative fonts for digital media is increasing multifold. But to make the fonts highly creative, designers tend to miss the mark on the legibility and readability part which may cause them to not be visible to everyone. When you use fonts in the online digital world, they must be universally … Read more 20 Free Web Safe Fonts For Designers To Use in 2022

10 best wordpress hosting providers main image 4

WordPress hosting providers are those that focus specifically on hosting websites that are built on the popular CMS (content management system), WordPress. Website developers, designers, small business owners, non-profits, and individuals often search for a list of high-quality hosting solutions, with simple and easy-to-understand details. That’s one reason we have created this efficient comparison of … Read more 10 Best WordPress Hosting Providers To Compare

Tips to Enhance School Websites

If you’re wondering, what should a school website contain this year, with regard to its structure, functionality, appearance, design, and content, then we have your questions covered. Here at WebDesignDev, we will cover the top 12 important school website design elements that every web developer should consider. Websites, in general, have now transcended from being … Read more Top 12 School Website Design Ideas Features For 2022

seo optimization blue world image 3 e1644642014278

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing a website to increase online visibility and traffic from search results. It positively influences the visibility of a website in search engines, however, it requires time and appropriate actions and tools. In this article, we will point out what comprehensive SEO consists of and what is … Read more Combining Technical SEO Optimization Off-site Activity

WebDesignDev 20 Stunning Social Media Images 1

Social media is an integral part of our personal and professional lives. Every day we come across hundreds of social media images. It has overwhelmed the attention of most living people today. In addition, social media helps to connect with potential customers to achieve a specific business goal. As per the latest report from Statista, … Read more 20 Stunning Free Social Media Images, Graphics Vectors

improve user engagement image 1

User engagement is so important for your website. Whenever a user lands on your page, you want them to stick around for a while. However, visitors will only absorb content and remain loyal to your brand if it’s engaging enough to capture them the first time, within seconds. There are subtle, smart design choices you … Read more 8 Best Tips How to Improve User Engagement On Your Website


Choosing the right WordPress plugin for the WordPress Platform can enable you to create an almost perfect website design. But “almost perfect” is not good enough in most cases. The design may not have the glamour the designer hoped to achieve. Or it may be lacking in some special functionality which, if added, would make … Read more The Best 9 WordPress Plugins to Use This Year

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Choosing the right WordPress theme can be a challenge. Finding an easy-to-use, beautifully designed theme and avoiding the challenges of writing design code, you’ll need to pick one of the best WordPress themes available in 2022. After installing a WordPress theme, almost always you can count on a few positive things happening. Using a theme … Read more 10 Great WordPress Themes for 2022 That You Should Consider

Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review top image of Kinsta's homepage

Do you have a WordPress website and want to find the best hosting solution for it? Today, we decided to provide our readers with a Kinsta WordPress hosting review. Many would say they are the best WordPress hosting provider on the market today. Let’s take a deeper look and see for what reasons that may … Read more Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review – Best Choice For 2022?

DIVI The Most Popular WordPress Themes In The World 1000

Building a website on the ever-popular publishing platform WordPress is a common daily choice by millions of people around the world. We have a list of 8 very popular multipurpose WordPress themes used by web developers and beginners alike that are seriously worth considering. It’s important to note, that before you consider any theme you … Read more 8 Popular Multipurpose WordPress Themes Used By Developers

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