Best Podcasts of 2021, 'Demented' Podcast, 'LOUD: A History of Reggaeton,' Best Art of 2021, Adam Pendleton, Jasper Johns

Dec 28, 2021

We are joined by Vulture podcast critic Nick Quah, who comes on to talk his picks for the best podcasts of 2021.

[REBROADCAST FROM November 24, 2021] A new podcast from Texas Public Radio, Demented, uses interviews and audio diaries to explore the challenges that come with taking care of aging parents. Journalist and host Kitty Eisele shares her experience and what she’s learned from her reporting.

[REBROADCAST FROM August 30, 2021] Julio A. Pabón, supervising creative producer at Spotify Studios, joins us to discuss the new Spotify and Futuro Studios Podcast, LOUD: The History of Reggaeton, hosted by Ivy Queen, who's often known as the "Queen of Reggaeton." The show dives into the cultural history and evolution of Reggaeton and its various forms.

New York Magazine's senior art critic Jerry Saltz comes on the show to share his choices for the best art and art exhibitions of 2021.

[REBROADCAST FROM September 30, 2021] Artist Adam Pendleton joins us to discuss his solo show at the Museum of Modern Art, Adam Pendleton: Who Is Queen?, which is on view through January 30, 2022. The large-scale installation features Pendleton’s paintings, drawings, and other works that explore complex themes around identity through use of a wide range of materials and sources.

[REBROADCAST FROM September 29, 2021] Scott Rothkopf, Senior Deputy Director of The Whitney Museum of Art, and Carlos Basualdo, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, join us to preview a new exhibit, Jasper Johns: Mind/Mirror, which features over 500 pieces by celebrated American artist Jasper Johns, some of which will be shown in public for the first time. The exhibition is a partnership between the Whitney Museum of Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and is open through February 13, 2022.

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