Citrix ZTNA solutions help organizations secure their remote workforces

Jun 12, 2022

Citrix has been in the business of delivering secure remote work through its digital workspace solutions for more than three decades. And leading companies around the world are using them to provide employees with access to the applications and insights they need to get work done, wherever it needs to get done.

As RSA Conference 2022 wraps up, we wanted to highlight Citrix Secure Private Access, how it enables ZTNA for customers around the world, and how three customers are using Citrix solutions to protect their remote workforce.

Large, Global Financial Organization Goes Remote with ZTNA from Citrix

This global European financial organization has many offices in Brazil, including in Sao Paolo. With an eye on productivity, the organization decided to offer remote work to all employees to reduce commute time. However, as their project to enable remote work progressed, the IT team identified challenges posed by their traditional VPN solution — poor performance (dropped sessions), scalability limitations, and lack of granular access control. They also realized that with growth in remote work, unmanaged personal devices would be used to access business applications, leading to increased cyber risk.

To mitigate these challenges, the company adopted Citrix Workspace on Google Cloud Platform and ZTNA through Citrix Secure Private Access. They needed seamless SSO for all SaaS and IT-managed apps with granular access control capabilities such as enabling browser isolation when business-critical apps were accessed through unmanaged devices. Now, the company has adopted a BYOD approach for thousands of remote staff members, allowing the organization to save money on device costs while enabling sufficient security controls.

Major American Grocery Chain Replaces Traditional VPN with Citrix’s ZTNA Approach

This American grocery chain was exploring options to migrate their on-premises applications to Microsoft Azure. They realized they would need a VPN alternative for secure yet high-performance application access by employees and partners/contractors.

As the organization benchmarked Citrix Secure Private Access, they liked the zero trust, VPN-less access to all apps, including TCP apps, from a single solution. Unique functionality like anti-keylogging and anti-screen scraping enabled them to overlay additional controls on top of the typical segmented app access, as is offered by other ZTNA solutions. Being able to enforce ZTNA, even for unmanaged devices (used by contractors and partners), was another critical benefit the company realized.

Leading Insurance Company Protects Mobile Agents with ZTNA from Citrix

This popular insurance company has thousands of agents on the road. Agent productivity is critical, so cybersecurity cannot come at the cost of user experience. As the company built out next-generation apps to support insurance agents, Citrix Workspace provided the user experience for agent productivity.

In addition to that, Citrix’s zero trust approach has provided secure access, even from the agent’s BYOD, as they access sensitive customer information. Citrix’s granular security measures; ability to deliver both cybersecurity and user productivity; and support for secure remote access by unmanaged devices were differentiators for this company.

Learn More

At Citrix, we have had conversations with hundreds of cybersecurity teams, advising them on the latest cybersecurity requirements and discussing cyber scenarios that most cybersecurity teams overlook. Based on these conversations, we’ve compiled The Big Book of ZTNA Security Use-Cases, which can help you uncover hidden attack vectors for your organization. The ZTNA Protection Index covered in the book can help you identify where your cyber preparedness stands today compared to where you’d like it to be.

As the RSA Conference 2022 wraps up, it’s a great time to explore comprehensive cybersecurity use-cases and reach out to us when you’re ready to make a change. Check out Citrix’s other announcements around RSA Conference 2022:

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