CNLP 461: Kadi Cole on Whether the Gender Pay Gap Actually Exists, the Challenges of Hybrid Offices, and Finding Your Leadership Voice

Jun 23, 2022

CNLP 461: Kadi Cole on Whether the Gender Pay Gap Actually Exists, the Challenges of Hybrid Offices, and Finding Your Leadership Voice

CNLP 461: Kadi Cole on Whether the Gender Pay Gap Actually Exists, the Challenges of Hybrid Offices, and Finding Your Leadership Voice           CNLP 461: Kadi Cole on Whether the Gender Pay Gap Actually Exists, the Challenges of Hybrid Offices, and Finding Your Leadership Voice          


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Is there actually a gender pay gap? What are the challenges of hybrid offices, and what happens when you find you’re leading an unequal workplace? Kadi Cole returns to the podcast to discuss all these things and help you discover your leadership voice.

Welcome to Episode 461 of the podcast. Listen and access the show notes below or search for the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts and listen for free.

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Insights From Kadi

1. The gender pay gap is evident in churches

While there are many factors that attribute to a gender pay gap in churches (like area of the country, culture, denomination and individual church environment), it is still quite clear that a gap exists.

Kadi believes that a lot of this comes from the leftover inculturation around gender roles. She says, “Even in more progressive or egalitarian in churches, we still tend to have a bit of a bias around women as homemakers or having children. So when we bring them into leadership, it’s at a little different pace. But definitely in more conservative realms, we see this as a greater issue, largely because we tend to give women similar jobs, but we give them much less authoritative titles.”

2. Ways for hybrid employers to level the playing field

Because of COVID and the rise of employees seeking more flexibility, hybrid workspaces are becoming the norm. So, how can we make sure that employees are receiving and experiencing the same advantages of physically being together? Kadi offers two ways:

  1. Determine your rhythms of connection This is even important for virtual companies in order to build relationships and maintain trust. Some possible questions to consider would be, do we want an annual retreat where we fly everybody in and we spend three or four days together? Do we want a quarterly meeting? Do we want a weekly day where everyone’s in the office one day a week?
  2. Adjust your expectations as the leader Especially in the church, we tend to be run by leaders who are used to a platform and an audience. If you’re used to that kind of frontline platform space, and that’s how you read your staff, challenge yourself to use some other tools in your leadership toolbox.

3. Know your personal leadership values to determine your leadership voice

In Kadi’s book, Find Your Leadership Voice in 90 Days, she walks leaders through a program to help them discover the leader God has wired them to be.

Kadi believes we all have a leadership voice, and one way she teaches leaders how to find this is through helping them identify their personal leadership values. Knowing your leadership voice can influence the kind of jobs you take, the way you organize your leadership, the things you speak up against or for, and the things you stay quiet on.

Quotes from Episode 461

There is definitely a gender gap in churches around equal pay for equal work. @kadicole Click To Tweet I don't believe we should have to choose between being respected and making sure we're being paid fairly. @kadicole Click To Tweet If you look at men and women holistically, there is about a 15 to 18% difference in wages overall. @kadicole Click To Tweet Confidence really comes through competence. @kadicole Click To Tweet When you have power, you cannot have an equal relationship with another person that's in your organization. It's not possible. @kadicole Click To Tweet The more we lean into collaboration, the more we're going to see growth, and connection, and accessibility, and better leadership decisions for the people we serve. @kadicole Click To Tweet My job as a leader is to actually collaborate in a way where we are using work to develop people. We're not using people to develop our work. @kadicole Click To Tweet Just because you're paid less, doesn't mean you're being discriminated or overlooked. It could mean that you're still growing. But asking the question and understanding why is the key towards moving forward together. @kadicole Click To Tweet

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CNLP 461: Kadi Cole on Whether the Gender Pay Gap Actually Exists, the Challenges of Hybrid Offices, and Finding Your Leadership Voice


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