Contact Deletion in Marketing Cloud : Follow best practices for deleting contacts : Trailhead Badges [Video]

May 5, 2022

23 Ways to Create Once but Distribute Forever Discover the Best Engagement

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Contact Deletion in Marketing Cloud : Follow best practices for deleting contacts : Trailhead Badges

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Contact Deletion in Marketing Cloud : Follow best practices for deleting contacts : Trailhead Recommended Badges

Where do contact deletions take place in Enterprise 2.0 accounts? True or false: Delete requests take precedence over all other account activities.

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In this video we talk to Kaylan Laylan, Social Worker to discuss advanced life planning in order to make your wishes known. This video does not discuss the 5 Wishes document but for a document that is more layman term friendly and looks at more emotional, comfort, and also addresses the less medical wishes you may have this is a good document to look at before completing your advanced directives.Watch and Enjoy!Pam Dunwald, RNPatient Advocate MatchKey Moments in this Episode ========================00:58 What are Advanced Directives03:45 What types of things can you decide ahead of time05:14 What does it mean to activate your document?05:55 What happens if you don't have these documents prepared ahead of time?06:54 What is the most common mistake people make in preparing this document?07:41 What should you do with them once completed?08:35 QA what happens if someone comes to hospital and can't make wishes known and there are not documents? This can often lead to family conflict.What To Watch Next:========================For more information on this topic you may wish to watch our videoon what it means to "Activate" your healthcare power of attorney. ACCESS MY FREE RESOURCES BELOW ========================Free Checklist to Help You Prepare the Necessary DocumentsGet your checklist summarizing your steps to prepare your Advance Directives here. Free PDF Assessment and Resource Guide22-page guide to get you started on identifying the needs of an aging parent or spouseand matching the appropriate resources 11 Signs Your Aging Parent or Spouse May Need Help in the HomeLook for some obvious and not so clear signs your aging parent or spouse may need help in the home. ABOUT Patient Advocate Match========================Patient Advocate Match is in pre-launch and will be launching 2nd Quarter 2022. We are a healthcare resource directory serving families and our elders. We provide resources, education with videos, podcasts, courses, interviews, and blog posts. We want to come along side you and help you navigate our complex healthcare system and assist you through education to make informed healthcare decisions.Patient Advocate Match, LLCMatching the Right Resources for the Right Reasonswebsite coming May 1, 2022========================#living will#advanced directives#healthcare power of attorney

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