Cybersecurity Assessment

May 19, 2022

Why You Should Complete the VMware Carbon Black and eSentire Cybersecurity Assessment Tool

In-house IT teams may not have the cybersecurity expertise or the time it takes to monitor cybersecurity threats 24/7. Day to day, the IT team is often focused on supporting the business and projects that drive revenue.

Cybersecurity is everyone's business—including C-level executives, managers, administrative assistants, and even part-time office staff. Unfortunately, any employee can be a potential cybersecurity attack vector, and cyber breaches don't always come from the outside. You can put all the right traditional cybersecurity measures in place, but all it takes is one employee clicking on a phishing email.

Understanding your organization's cybersecurity maturity, knowing where there may be gaps, and addressing those issues is imperative. Taking proactive steps to mitigate cybersecurity risk can mean the difference between a data breach or business as usual.

The eSentire Cybersecurity Assessment Tool is designed to measure the maturity, resiliency, and strength of your organization’s cybersecurity efforts. After you complete the NIST-based cyber risk assessment, you’ll receive a personalized recommendations and a cybersecurity assessment report. The cybersecurity assessment report will cover:

  • Overall Cyber Maturity Level
  • Maturity of Capabilities for Identify, Protect, Detect and Respond
  • Top recommendations and how they map to eSentire MDR for Endpoint Capabilities with VMWare Carbon Black

Our solution architects are ready to review your cybersecurity maturity assessment report and discuss ways your organization can improve its security posture.

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