Deep Learning in Business Analytics: A Clash of Expectations and Reality

May 22, 2022

[Submitted on 19 May 2022]

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Abstract: Our fast-paced digital economy shaped by global competition requires increased data-driven decision-making based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The benefits of deep learning (DL) are manifold, but it comes with limitations that have - so far - interfered with widespread industry adoption. This paper explains why DL - despite its popularity - has difficulties speeding up its adoption within business analytics. It is shown - by a mixture of content analysis and empirical study - that the adoption of deep learning is not only affected by computational complexity, lacking big data architecture, lack of transparency (black-box), and skill shortage, but also by the fact that DL does not outperform traditional ML models in the case of structured datasets with fixed-length feature vectors. Deep learning should be regarded as a powerful addition to the existing body of ML models instead of a one size fits all solution.

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