Hello and happy Friday!

Yes. Yes. YES! We finally have snow!! So now it is really beginning to feel like Christmas. If you grew up with white Christmases, you know what I mean. Deck the halls, snow has arrived. And water. Much, much, much needed water.

With just one week to go before we gather ’round the Christmas tree and exchange gifts of love, I’m doing it once again…I’m second-guessing my gift-giving.

I’m done with everyone on my list. I’m done. I’m done. I’m done. Or am I? Why is it that each year I have pangs of gifting anxiety that lead to last-minute shopping purchases? I made my list, I set my budget, everything is wrapped. Now I just need to say WE ARE ALL GOOD and let it go. Am I the only one who does this? :)

I think I know the remedy…forget about the gifts and get into the kitchen and bake something good! Cook for fun! Try something new! Okay, I’ve talked myself into it. Let’s go!

But first, this week’s Friday Faves. Enjoy my friendlies.

This cute kid totally doing her own thing during the Christmas pageant made my day. She’s got moves! Might be the best thing I’ve seen all year.

This viral obituary is one of the other best things I’ve seen all year. This is the original published version and totally worth a read.

Joy is contagious. Pass it on.

Traveling for the holidays? Check out this list of the most binge-able podcasts, movies, TV shows, and books to enjoy.

How to handle the holidays when things are hard.


I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to some much-needed downtime over the holiday and I’m excited to cozy up with some good books. This list of 50 best books of literary journalism of the 21st century is a goldmine.

Do you watch Succession? These parodies are spot on and so funny.

This review of a Michelin-starred restaurant went viral but not in the most favorable fashion. Sometimes simpler is just better.

I LOVE my mac and cheese recipe, but since this one is called “World’s Best Mac Cheese,” I definitely need to give it a try and see if it lives up to its name.

This Christmas tree charcuterie is so fun, and I LOVE the board it’s served on for parties all through the year.

This recipe is one of my favorite pasta dishes in appetizer form (genius).

I love me a tasty chicken piccata which makes these meatballs all the more alluring.

I gots me some soup on da brain:

  • This is one of my favorite soups and I’m making a vegetarian version with veg sausage for a girl’s holiday lunch today. So good.
  • Short rib soup? Deb does it again.
  • This creamy, cheesy soup is right up my veg-loving alley. YUM.

This pork dish looks amazing and would be such an elegant main course for Christmas dinner.

And then make this eggnog pound cake for dessert.

This butternut squash side looks perfectly easy for dressing up the table.

Baked oysters for your feast o seven fishes.

Chile Verde tamales. Adding them to the list.

I’ve bookmarked these Christmas cookie recipes because yes, I’m still baking:

  • I live for a crinkle cookie
  • These look so chocolatey and chewy
  • The best melt-in-your-mouth cookies
  • A buttery cookie with sprinkles is definitely a must
  • This traditional Christmas cookie fave has a salty, creamy twist

Who doesn’t drool over a festive holiday cake, and this one looks perfect.

Dressing up for the holidays?

  • These dressy shoes will add just the right sparkle.
  • Or try these shoes for a similar vibe at a discounted price.
  • Pair this with anything on the bottom and you’ll be feeling festive.
  • And if this dress doesn’t scream KISS ME on NYE, I don’t know what does.

Who else has 2022 on the brain?

  • Home trends
  • Fashion trends
  • Food trends
  • 7 foods you’ll be eating in 2022
  • The 17 looks to get ready for

These holiday candles are from one of my favorite candle companies and are very fun.

How to cope with seasonal depression (I’m taking heed.)

You know I love a good weekly planner, so here’s a few:

  • I’m not involved with this planner anymore but I still think it’s great.
  • I like how this planner has a non-detailed, relaxed section weekly to-do list, then more detail for the day.
  • Or if you want more structure, take a look at this one.

And one day I will make it to see these. #bucketlist.

Have a very fabulous final week before Christmas, and cook something good!

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