Here Are Your Biggest Holiday Grievances

Jun 23, 2022

We gathered ‘round the pole, and here’s what we heard. Gif: Columbia Pictures

In the spirit of the holidays, we thought it was time to give everyone a place to let out their grievances from the past year. Let’s be honest, 2021 has been a real mixed bag for most of us.

So, inspired by the “Festivus for the rest of us,” from Seinfield, we asked you to share with us your grievances this year. Here are some of your top answers.

The Slideshow

A Screenshot of a slideshow from Jalopnik

Screenshot: Owen Bellwood

“Slide Shows.”

It’s funny that, because my grievance this year is people opening up a slideshow just to comment about how much they hate slideshows.

Suggested by: lewschiller

Minivan Murder

A Chevrolet Minivan towing a boat

Photo: Chevrolet

“I hate that minivans are a shrinking segment of the marketplace, that you really only get the choice of a huge 7/8 seater, and I despise anyone who reacts to vans with visible disgust. Newsflash! You were never cool, whatever you’re buying in place of a van isn’t cool, and it’s erasing a really useful segment.

“I live in a big city, I have a kid in a car seat – sliding doors would be amazing right now (both because I have a fairly narrow driveway, and for when someone inevitably parks too close to me in lots), and maximum space in minimum package is great. My wife and I are probably buying a second car in the new year, and we pretty much have no choice but a fleet of aging Mazda5's, because the closest equivalent on the new market is the Transit Connect which is both unobtanium in passenger form, and sort of expensive.”

It does increasingly seem like your only option when buying a car these days is an enormous SUV. What happened to all the minivans or station wagons?

Suggested by: maymar

New Car Hype

A cgi render of a Tesla Model X

Photo: Tesla

“I object to new cars in general. I just don’t care for the exterior looks. I don’t care for touch screens. I think they have all gotten so ‘good’ that everything tends to look and feel the same. I think the ubiquity of easy horsepower (a 300 hp Camry?) cheapens performance as a whole. I hate that silly electric blue accent trim that all electric cars seem to have. I hate the ridiculous horsepower of electric cars, with the added weight making handling (seemingly) a second thought.”

Is this poster someone with a fork in a world of soup with their belief that all new cars are getting to be a bit much? Maybe, but I’d agree that the gratuitous  horsepower probably isn’t a good thing, and there’s certainly a lot of generic-looking cars out there that feel the same.

Suggested by: hangovergrenade

The Aggressive Public

A photo of a young girl holding a sign saying Give Peace A Chance

Photo: Edy Purnomo / Stringer (Getty Images)

“Without getting too political, the total lack of empathy displayed by most people in public, but especially online. Moreover, the overall aggressiveness that has become the norm for most people. Can’t we chill and give peace a chance?”

Is hoping for peace on Earth a radical political belief now? Either way, being a bit more chill and peaceful is definitely something we could all learn to do in the coming new year.

Suggested by: briangriffinsprius

The Swan Song For Sedans

A red Mazda sedan parked on a street

Photo: Mazda USA

“The slow erasure of sedans pisses me off to no end. For those of us who don’t have a lot of stuff to carry, and want something mildly sporty and not too big are being forced up into CUVs. Add on top of that cars just getting too big in general. It’s one of the reasons why I like Mazda so much. They haven’t succumbed to the bloat, and have continued to size their cars by the longstanding ‘subcompact-compact-midsized’ formula.”

File this away next to The Minivan Murder. Sedans is another car category that commenters think is on the way out, alongside small cars.

Suggested by: mrmcgeein3d

The Electric Car

A ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup truck

Photo: Ford USA

“The obsession over acceleration in electric vehicles as if that’s all that matters, especially SUVs and trucks. I don’t give a shit about how fast the 0-60 is in the new Hummer, Lightning, SUV, etc.

“Especially for the trucks. It just seems like everyone can’t stop focusing on that, rather than give me real world data I’m going to care about every day. How loud is it on the road? How comfortable is the suspension? Realistically do I need to hire an electrician to install a charger at my house? How much range will it lose if it’s not plugged in or used for 3-4 days? How’s the towing? How far can I tow say, 5,000lbs before needing a recharge?”

“I know some of this just isn’t known yet because they just aren’t out yet/haven’t been out long enough to answer all these questions. But damnit, 0-60 times don’t matter in a fucking truck, how is it to live with every day?”

As the novelty of this acceleration has begun to wear off we’ve been able to talk more about the other qualities of an electric car. But, I agree that in the latest wave of electric pickups, 0-60 time is without doubt the least useful statistic you could possibly wish to know.

Suggested by: scene24man

8 / 12

The Naive “I Have Four-Wheel Drive” Folks

The Naive “I Have Four-Wheel Drive” Folks

A Subaru SUV drives over snow

Photo: Subaru

“The flurry of ignorant proclamations (usually in a thick New England accent) by coworkers at the first sighting of snow flakes that are some variation of ‘Good thing I got four wheel drive’.”

Looks like we’ve stumbled across Steve DaSilva’s burner account here.

Suggested by: ginsunh

Misery Loves Company

A photo of a sunset over a beach.

Photo: Mladen Antonov / Contributor (Getty Images)

“A problem shared is a problem halved, but a grievance shared is just spreading misery. So all I’ll say is that I love each of you and wish nothing but peace, health and prosperity for you all.”

Well, isn’t that a nice sentiment for the holiday season? Thanks.

Suggested by: telecaster1959

Stunted Design

A brown Toyota Sedan

Photo: Toyota

“How car, oops, vehicle styling does not exist anymore. The few remaining sedans on the market are all Dove soap bars — utterly generic lumps.

“The plethora of chunky station wagons on the market are all meh boxes on wheels. The ‘stylist’ is condemned to coming up with a fascia and a tail light treatment to kinda differentiate the products — that’s it. Period. You can only tell them apart if you find the model’s badge.”

It can sometimes feel like designers have the same box of curves and angles to pick from when drawing up a new car, regardless of the company they work for. Thankfully though, there are still a few outliers .

Suggested by: the1969dodgechargerguy

Here’s A List

A photo of a snow-covered traffic jam.

Photo: STR / Contributor (Getty Images)

Buddy how much time you got?

Entitled speeders, red light runners, slideshows, congestion, unnecessary commuting, traffic weavers, shitty roads, dudebros, energy prices, subscriptions for all the free things, high speed tailgaters, overpopulation pyramid as an economic model, inflation,

- Takes breath- intended to discourage rather than encourage DIY, overpromising and underdelivering as a business model, 10+ hr workdays with multi hour commutes for 8 hrs of pay, knowing spreaders of disinformation, overpopulation, bloatware, the fact much of the world hasn’t been 100% nuclear and renewable since the 1970s with electricity too cheap to meter, fixed battery smartphones, other people, consumerism, taxpayer funded bailouts for the rich, quantitative easing (moral hazard? what’s that?), national debt can kicking, the homeless industrial complex, cripplingly expensive health care and education, salted roads, cultists,

- another breath -

NIMBYS, especially ones who’s own actions caused the very problem they’re NIMBYing, airlines whose policies are designed to induce disgruntlement then act shocked when passengers lash out, pop-up ads, roadside billboards, cars as billboards, commercials, mind numbing daytime TV, anyone who seriously thinks colonizing space is the solution to Earth’s problems, sports arenas, pet-phobic landlords, shoddy construction, poor architectural design, #$@/ aluminum wiring, street parked car collections.

Suggested by: cheap-bastard

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