How To Create A B2B Content Marketing Strategy With Advanced Tactics

Nov 22, 2021

Do you want your company to be a top industry leader? Are you trying to develop a content marketing strategy to boost your business but don’t know how?

If you said yes in your mind, then you have come to the right place.

Content marketing is crucial for a business. Especially a B2B brand.

If you search on Google ‘How To Create A B2b Content Marketing Strategy?’ You will get tons of results. But none can compete with this actionable guide.

In this blog of B2B content marketing strategy, you will learn how to form a winning strategy for long-term business growth and also, how to make the most of your audience.

So get ready for the exciting journey. Let’s dive right in.

What Is B2B Content Marketing?

A B2B content marketing strategy is a well-thought and well-designed process to serve content to your ideal customers to solve their pressing issues using some helpful tactics.

In B2B marketing you’re serving your services/products from one business (you) to other businesses.

Blogging, podcasting, email newsletters, and infographics are some of the popular forms of content marketing.

For successful marketing, after all, content should inspire readers to engage and share with others.

Your content marketing strategy plays a vital role in making your campaigns affordable, generating organic leads, and standing out amongst your competitors.

Before building a B2B content marketing strategy, you must have deep knowledge of your target customers.

And there is more to learn ahead. So, let’s explore more.

Why Should B2B Companies Consider Content Marketing? Why Is It Important?

Just for one simple reason – Content marketing offers a great ROI (Return On Investment).

Here is proof:

According to Statista, 30% of marketers consider content to have the “highest ROI” of any channel.

Just for one simple reason – Content marketing offers a great ROI.

This is why 91% of B2B marketers use content to promote their brand. 

Moreover, informative content that shows your company’s experience and service attracts more B2B buyers.

If you show your customers how well you understand the industry and service, they are more likely to be your customers.

What Do You Need To Create a Good B2B Content Marketing Strategy?

Content Marketing Strategy

Creating B2B content is not as hard as it sounds. But yes, a successful content marketing strategy usually starts with well-defined objectives and a clear understanding of long-term goals.

You must have a clear vision of where you want to reach via content marketing. Only and only then you will be able to create a practical and achievable content marketing strategy.

However, there is more when you want to create a strategy for your content marketing. All of the tactics cannot be discussed in a single paragraph. So, let’s explore them one by one.

Here we go…

Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience

I will tell you a simple fact – There is no business without an audience.

That’s why before creating a content marketing strategy you must ask yourself who your target audience is? Who are you creating content for? Because knowing your customer you can’t find out what they need and thus you will be unable to find useful content.

It’s a question we often ask our clients. Of course, they have their answers – Small brands, business leaders, CEOs, project managers. But what they don’t know is – what they really want, what are their pain points? And that’s why sometimes they fail to create an actionable strategy.

If you really want to create a content marketing strategy then you should research your audience first.

Effective content is not which you write on your personal favorite topics rather it is about solving your audience issue and guiding them ahead.

And the first step is to understand your audience is to look into their demographics and psychographics.

Know your audience’s gender, location, job title, likes, dislikes, belief systems, values, and interests.

Know Your Customers’ Pain Points

Know Your Customers’ Pain Points

As I mentioned earlier, content marketing is not about you, it’s not about your brand, and neither is what you do.

It’s all about solving your customers’ problems.

That’s why your content marketing strategy should focus on solving your customers’ challenges they face. They want answers to their everyday questions, help, advice, and what’s more – they want to increase sales.

Brainstorm For Unique Content Ideas

 Content Ideas

Ok, so until now we’ve been talking about customers. Now it’s about you.

As harsh as it sounds; even if you create a B2B content marketing strategy, there is no guarantee that your content will get views, leads, and sales. Not until you have something unique and interesting to offer.

It’s good that you write blogs, articles, ebooks, etc. But if you are offering the same content as your competitors are offering, you won’t be able to generate any ROI. 

But perhaps your pees aren’t answering the difficult questions your audience is asking. You can do your research and write an informative blog on it. This will put you at the top of your customers’ minds.

So, before creating any form of content, ask yourself what makes your content unique? What will you serve your audience so that they would come to you instead of your competitors?

Map The Buyer’s Journey

When a person comes to your site and makes a purchase with you, he/she takes some predefined steps to make the decision. They go through a journey from being aware of your products/services to buying them.

It is called a sales funnel.

So, what is a sales funnel?

The sales funnel represents a buyer’s journey. It shows how your audience turns to your customers.

A sales funnel has 3 stages: 

marketing funnel
  1. Top of the Funnel (ToFu): Here, people become aware of your products.
  2. Middle of the Funnel (MoFu): Here they become your lead by learning more about your products or services.
  3. Bottom of the Funnel (BoFu): The lead becomes your customer here.

But why should I be aware of the journey? How does it relate to creating a B2B content marketing strategy?

Well, being aware of the buyer’s journey will give you an idea about your customers’ psychographic. This will help you to serve them exactly what they want.

You can write specific marketing copy based on the sales funnel’s stages.

Take Ideas From Your Competitors 

competitor analysis

Every brand has its competitor. Business is all about competition, after all. But that’s not something to be afraid of. You should not only be trying to stay ahead of them but also observe them, learn from them.

You can do a competitor’s analysis and see what they are offering in their content that customers want to buy more from them than you. You can observe them and use those tactics in your content marketing strategy. And eventually, you should surpass them and offer something more unique and valuable to your niche audience.

For example, If you see your competitors are offering a free pdf of their blogs’, you can offer a video with your blogs. 

All you have to do is observe your competitors think ahead of them. Be creative. Be Unique. Be an idea generator.

Research On Trending Industry Keywords 


Time to dive into technical stuff.

Keywords are the words, sentences, and phrases people use to type when looking for something on Google. So, by adding the relevant phrases or keywords in your content, you will be able to be on the result when a customer searches for your products.

google suggestion

So by knowing what keywords you want to be found for, you can easily know what your B2B audience wants. You will be easily creating content on solid demands.

Free Keyword Research Tools

keyword research

To research your industry trending keywords, you can use tools like Google Trends, Keyword Generator, Keyword Sheeter, Answer the Public, Keyword Surfer, Google Search Console.

All of these are absolutely free!

What Content Types Are You Going To Use? 

 Content Types

There are different types of content for different purposes. For example, if you want to give your audience a tutorial for using your products, the video will do much better than blogs and how-to guides.

Plus, not every person in your audience likes blogs. The same goes for videos and other forms. 

So what do you do?

You need to research what audience needs to be aware of your products/services, then come up with the most suitable form of content.

There are lots of content types – blogs, eBooks, case studies, infographics, videos, long articles, podcasts, etc.

So, before creating a content marketing strategy, you must brainstorm about the content types that fit with your objectives.

Create a List Of Channels You Are Going To Use To Serve Your Content

social media channels

Many marketers don’t take this thought seriously. That’s why they fail with their content marketing strategy.

To build a successful content marketing strategy, you must plan ahead what channels you will need to use to deliver relevant content as per audience demand.

Different social media channels have different segments of the audience. 

Twitter is the best place to make people aware of your brand.

Instagram is best for infographics and images. To engage your audience.

LinkedIn , on other hand, is the best platform to connect with industry leaders.

As you are a B2B business, you might want to connect with CEOs, project managers, and other brand owners. Then LinkedIn is the place you need to focus when delivering content.

If you want to showcase your products then you should Instagram as it works wonders with images and infographics.

So, ask yourself what channel you think would suit you with your goals? And plan accordingly.

Consider Link Building and Collaboration (Guest Posting)

Link building

If you want to build brand exposure you need to think about collaborating with other businesses as well. Moreover, you also want to create and accept some guest posts.

You need to find relevant businesses and ask them to accept your blog posts. This way you are exposing yourself to other brands’ audiences also. 

This is a great tactic for marketing your content and services.

There is also technically part of it:

When high-ranking websites link to your content, the algorithm supports your website and enhances its rank on the search page. 

Link building for brand recognition is a process where you concentrate on your strategies of spreading your reach, bringing your content in front of new users, and developing conversations around your brand. 

This is more than just a spontaneous backlink in a blog post. It takes more planning and sources, but the investment is credited with the high-quality leads you’ll get.

So, do research where you can make and accept blog posts. This will enrich your B2B content market creation.

What Are Your Main KPIs?


The biggest reason for failing in marketing is that most marketers don’t measure their success. They keep pouring money on marketing but don’t know their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

This happened a lot in the past as there was no time available back then.

But things are better now. There are a lot of tools available on the internet to measure your performance.

The main goal of knowing your KPIs is that you can see how good or bad your content marketing campaign is doing. Where you need to work more and what to leave. 

How To Measure Content Marketing Success?

You can measure your content marketing success using your social post views, bounce rate, time spent on the website, likes, and shares . Find out your KPIs while creating a B2B content marketing journey.

Wrap Up

If you want to establish your company as an industry leader, you must have a strong content marketing strategy. 

It can help you to achieve your marketing goals and boost your sales in the most cost-effective way.

Focus on creating a content marketing strategy and build trust by providing valuable content to your audience’s businesses.

Use these advanced tactics to create a strong and actionable content marketing strategy and boost your B2B business in the most sustainable way. 

However, if you need any help regarding the topic please do let me via commenting in the below section. I’m here to guide you to achieve your business goals whenever you need me. 



Which Marketing Strategy Is Best For A B2B?

You can use a content marketing strategy to promote your product/services to your prospects. You can create unique content ideas and forms to reach out to them and solve their issues. This will help you thrive in your B2B business.

How do you create content for B2B business?

To create content for your B2B business, you need to understand your audience very well and know their pain points to solve their issues. Look at your competitors to generate ideas and use that to create unique and engaging content.

What Is B2B Content?

B2B content means you are offering content to other businesses. Hence – Business to Business content – B2B content. In a B2B business, you are selling your products as services to other businesses rather than people. 

What Is B2B Content Creation?

B2B content creation is a process to create content to promote your B2B products/services to other businesses. The process involves steps like knowing your audience, doing competitors analysis, and promoting on different channels.

What Should A Content Strategy Include?

A content marketing strategy should include representing companies’ goals, a good understanding of how users think must be easily accessible to the audience, and have measurable KPIs.

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