IRC Proceedings: Friday, May 06, 2022

May 8, 2022

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  1. UPC: “A Neo-colonialist Plot” The EPO is harming the European Union because its handlers try to ratify an illegal system under the guise of unity
  2. [Meme] He is the EPO's President EPO President António Campinos has reached the "let me through!" or the "let me in!" moment (like Lukashenko 2 years ago)
  3. The Charade of Fake News and Lobbying (Based on Lies) by Team UPC The EPO‘s replace-courts-with-kangaroo-courts project is based on lies, disinformation (worse than misinformation), fabrication, and glorification of illegal actions, overt violations of constitutions, conventions being ignored, court-rigging, and even habitual perjury (at the expense of the EU’s legitimacy), so we continue watching and reporting the prominent culprits
  4. Debian is Not Defending Volunteers by SLAPPing Other Volunteers, It Just Tarnishes the Community's Reputation and Brand Volunteers of Debian face an unwelcoming gesture not because of critics online but because it seems clear that Debian leadership misuses very limited Debian funds to SLAPP disgruntled volunteers; the project is not in good hands and this needs to be corrected before it gets yet worse
  5. On the Cusp of Widespread Adoption of GNU/Linux in More Countries It looks like China may soon migrate 50 million PCs to GNU/Linux, according to the corporate media controlled by an American oligarch
  6. Links 08/05/2022: Nextcloud Hub 24 and Tor 0.4.7 Links for the day
  7. IRC Proceedings: Saturday, May 07, 2022 IRC logs for Saturday, May 07, 2022
  8. In Spite of All the AstroTurfing, 'Microsoft' Edge (Ripoff of Chrome) is Falling Every Month So Far This Year (Along With Windows) Based on StatCounter, Microsoft's Edge market share fell every month this year. Microsoft Edge's share, all versions combined, from January to May: 4.12%, 4.06%, 4.05%, 4.05%, and 4.04%.
  9. Plasma Desktop in Latest KDE Neon (State-of-the-Art Plasma) KDE Neon had a new release this past Thursday; I've decided to show what OS I tinker with these days (GNU/Linux at the cutting/bleeding edge)
  10. Links 07/05/2022: SparkyLinux 6.3 and Wine 7.8 Links for the day
  11. Links 07/05/2022: Mostly Non-Tech Topics Links for the day
  12. IRC Proceedings: Friday, May 06, 2022 IRC logs for Friday, May 06, 2022
  13. Links 06/05/2022: FreeBSD 13.1 RC6, GCC 12.1, RIP Alain Baudrez/Wamukota Links for the day
  14. Gemini Community is Growing, Geminispace is Expanding, and We Try to Make it Simpler to Keep Abreast of New/Active Capsules and Gemlogs Gemlogs, or the Gemini equivalent of Web logs (“blogs” for short), sometimes have RSS/XML/atom feeds, which thankfully enable a sort of ‘alta vista’ (view from above) across the growing space
  15. Links 06/05/2022: Nextcloud Hub 24 Links for the day
  16. IRC Proceedings: Thursday, May 05, 2022 IRC logs for Thursday, May 05, 2022
  17. Links 05/05/2022: Messenger-GTK 0.7.0, FreeBSD Has Sixth RC, and Fedora GNU/Linux 36 Final is GO Links for the day
  18. Ubuntu LoCo Council Gone Loco or Just Cracked The Ubuntu LoCo Council site appears to have suffered a security breach today (screenshot is minutes old)
  19. Dictatorships Prefer Other Dictatorships The EPO's official Web site spreads disinformation while EPO money is funneled into the world's "market leaders" in disinformation (the Vladimir Putin 'fan club')
  20. [Meme] Whose Digital Sovereignty? The EPO’s “IT” services have been outsourced to a satellite state of Russia; the EPO’s stakeholders should be concerned
  21. From Belarus With Love — Part XIV: It Probably Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time... The EPO‘s President António Campinos, who is a lot less popular (among his own people) than Lukashenko and Putin, will likely regret statements he made on behalf of the EPO (as they expose the EPO’s double standards or hypocrisy)
  22. António Campinos Racing Towards Zero Percent (Popularity/Approval Rates), a Lot Lower Than Lukashenko Mr. "F" (António 'F.' Campinos) doesn't give an "F", but his own staff and EPO stakeholders have no faith in him; now that examiners engage in industrial action it'll drag down his Office, which will fail to fake its supposed 'success' (measured in terms of fake patents granted en masse, irrespective of quality and compliance with the EPC)
  23. F for Fake: “You will never have such a nice person being the fake President for the next fifty fake years. So you wake up and make agreements with me, or you never will for your fake life.” The EPO’s "F" President António Campinos would have made his fake socialist father very proud
  24. Links 05/05/2022: LibreOffice 7.3.3 and Distrobox for Ubuntu Links for the day
  25. IRC Proceedings: Wednesday, May 04, 2022 IRC logs for Wednesday, May 04, 2022
  26. [Meme] The Deev Lists The EPO‘s outsourcing partners at SaM have aligned themselves with troubling views, at least until it became too much of a liability to the business
  27. Management That Harms the Institution It is Governing (SaM and EPO) A series of blunders and poorly-worded communications are harming institutions and companies (or institutions that outsource to companies and themselves behave like private companies); why are opponents of democracy being promoted to management positions?
  28. From Belarus With Love — Part XIII: Marat Ebzeev Tries to Defuse the Situation The EPO‘s partners in Belarus serve to weaken if not altogether refute a recent statement from António Campinos and his hypocritical colleagues who govern the EPO like a bunch of Lukashenkos; today we look at the stance of Marat Ebzeev, one of the company’s chiefs, who only after an uproar issued a third communiqué backtracking and almost apologising
  29. Links 04/05/2022: Proxmox Virtual Environment 7.2 and openmediavault 6 (Shaitan) Links for the day
  30. Educational Malware App “Along” Original from the FSF or GNU

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