ISO iOS podcast app that will let me categorise my 242 podcasts

Jan 6, 2023

The killer feature I would dearly love is to be able to categorise them into folders, e.g. "TV shows", "History", "Cancelled podcasts", etc. on my iPhone.

I listen by downloading podcasts to my iPhone. I would like to keep doing this instead of having to stream episodes.

I currently listen to about 40-50 active podcasts, and I have another 200-ish that are dormant, that I stopped listening to, etc. I don't want to delete them from the list, because I like remembering them and might want to listen to the back catalogue.

At the moment I use the rather under-rated Downcast, but I feel like I now have too many podcasts to easily scroll through and find various important ones that are near the bottom of the list, etc.

Can anyone recommend an app that would let me file my podcasts into different folders?

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