Level up your home with up to half-off these Amazon Echo smart speakers

Nov 26, 2021

The shopping season is upon us, and some of the most sought-after items to buy are the great sounding and super helpful Alexa speakers. Amazon has redesigned its Alexa speakers to the new spherical shape, which gives them a unique look and improves the sound of these devices. Amazon is slashing up to 50% off of its most popular speakers this Black Friday, and if you've been waiting for a great smart home deal — here it is.

When it comes to premium sound, the Amazon Echo is the one we found as the most enviable choice. Not only does this speaker look great in nearly every home, its unique shape means that it has some of the best sound output you could ask for from a smart speaker. From listening to your favorite music to podcasts, the Amazon Echo is excellent. When you aren't listening to music on this speaker, you might want to take advantage of the built-in microphones to get Alexa's help.

Amazon Echo 4th Gen Blue Official Render

Amazon Echo

Fantastic sound and Amazon's helpful Alexa digital assistant are all part of this excellent smart speaker at 40% off.

While the smaller Echo Dot speakers won't give you the same depth of sound as the full-size version, these are excellent options for small spaces. Amazon has stepped up its game with the Echo Dot with the LED clock. This slight speaker can handle all of your requests for controlling your smart home and your tunes while providing a clock at a glance. This makes it a perfect addition to any desk or nightstand.

Amazon Echo Dot Clock

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

Level up your desk or nightstand with a smart speaker that doubles as a clock, thanks to its built-in LED display.

Do you want to get your kids a speaker that you can trust that the responses will be appropriate to their young ears and still offer fun? Then the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is the speaker to pick. Aside from its cute demeanor, it is packed with all that the Amazon Kids+ has to offer. You'll have control over what content will be available on the device, but also when it is accessible for your child. This is an excellent option for your child to listen to audiobooks, fun kid tunes, and their silly questions.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition (4th Gen)

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

All the functionality of a regular Amazon Echo Dot but wrapped in a cute design with the power and protection of Amazon Kids+.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Cropped

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen)

If expanding your smart home setup is the goal, or you simply want to get a helpful speaker for handling queries — at 50% off, this is a wonderful option.

Amazon Echo Dot Star Wars Den Series

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock and Mandalorian Baby Grogu stand

Add some Star Wars love to your Echo Dot with Clock with this bundle that includes the ultra-adorable Mandalorian Baby Grogu stand.

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