Logistics! (the audio version)

Nov 18, 2021

I love this question from a few days ago asking about where to read about the logistics of things! I wish I was the type of person who would read all these things, but I know I never will. I much prefer to consume via audio. Does anyone have any podcast recommendations where they touch on these sorts of topics? I'm basically asking the same question, but in audio form.

For example, I'm interested in how things get done in general, especially if it's things we take for granted that have complexity under the surface, or just random things no one really ever thinks about. Supply chain logistics are hot right now for example, but transportation, shipping, crazy build logistics, even event management - there's an entire world I haven't considered! For example from the original question - how NFL tickets are assigned to the visiting-team's families.

I do prefer podcasts (short attention span) but an amazing audiobook would also work as well.

Note that as a podcast loving person, I am already deeply familiar with the big name podcast producers, and would definitely prefer something a little more off the beaten path if you have it. I love supporting the smaller podcast producers as well (as long as they at least try to have decent audio!) If it's been in a top 10 list in iTunes, chances are I've heard it - but that said if there's a specific episode you think is worth calling out, please do!

(I know I could probably also text-to-speech the content from the original question, but as a bit of an audio snob; I can't handle more than a couple sentences of this. The technology just isn't quite there yet...)

Fill my ears with logistics please!

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