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Mar 7, 2022

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1. 'Barbaric' Vladimir Putin rains down terror on fleeing families of Irpin

Boris Johnson has condemned Vladimir Putin as “barbaric” after civilians attempting to flee the invasion of Ukraine were killed by Russian shells.

Families escaping from their homes with suitcases and pets were "bombarded" with shells as they attempted to leave the city of Irpin, outside Kiev. Read the full story.

2. The shell exploded like a thunderbolt – the family didn’t stand a chance

On the safer side of town, a long line of yellow buses was waiting, ready to give evacuees food, medicine and a ride away from the battlefield. Every so often, a battered white minibus would drop off a new batch of arrivals, most looking white-faced, tearful and terrified.

Some, though, did not make it. For on the other side of Irpin, a satellite suburb of western Kyiv, Russian forces seemed far more concerned with pounding the city with shells than letting civilians escape safely. Read the full story .

3. Fracking could return as firms research methods to reduce earthquakes amid energy fears

Fracking could return to the UK as firms look for methods to reduce the earthquakes it causes, the chief executive of Britain’s oil and gas regulator has revealed, amid fears about Europe’s energy security following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Dr Andy Samuel, who leads the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA), said at least one firm is hoping to resume fracking with new techniques that could avoid tremors of above 0.5 on the Richter scale, the current limit. Read the full story .

4. Labour ties itself in knots on demand for Boris Johnson to quit over ‘partygate’

Sir Keir Starmer has refused to repeat his call for Boris Johnson to resign over “partygate”, saying politicians should demonstrate “unity” after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Despite a Labour spokesman insisting that the party had not withdrawn its call for the Prime Minister to leave office, both the party leader and shadow defence secretary dodged questions about the issue and talked up Labour's support for the Government's sanctions. Read the full story.

5. The Queen leaves Buckingham Palace for good as she moves permanently to Windsor Castle

The Queen is to make a permanent move to Windsor Castle after not staying at Buckingham Palace for two years.

The 95-year-old monarch has been "working from home" at the Berkshire castle since the pandemic began. She is now set to stay there permanently as renovations at Buckingham Palace continue for another five years, the Sunday Times reported. Read the full story.

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