Open Legal Blog Archive to Archive Legal Blogs Relating to Ukraine

Apr 10, 2022

The Open Legal Blog Archive will soon begin to archive legal blogs relating to legal matters arising out of the Russo Ukraine War.

Seems a little hollow to be archiving legal blogs as a way to respond to Russia’s brutal assault on the people of Ukraine.

But there are are a myriad legal issues arising out of the war, both personal and business.

Legal blogs, published by legal professionals from around the world, are providing legal information, insight and commentary on the rising issues long before law reviews, law journals and treatises will.

This morning, I ran across a niche business law blog covering issues arising out the war being published by a mid-sized law firm with offices on the East and West Coast.

Dropped the url from the blog into Feedly to test for a valid RSS feed. The feed worked perfectly, a sure test that the feed from the blog will parse and display when entered in the Archive.

By adding feeds from other legal blogs covering issues arise from the war, a portion of Archive can quickly become the library of record on war related issues.

Hopefully the Archive will be of help to people in need – and those legal professionals helping them.

LexBlog, which is backing the Archive, has added a full time library information specialist intern, starting in another ten days.

One of the things she’ll begin working on is identifying legal blogs arising out of Russo-Ukraine war issues.

I expect we’ll have the start of a nice summary a couple weeks from now.

I wish such a project was not needed, but legal blogs regarding Ukraine are likely to be needed for years.

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