Said Shiripour: The Entrepreneur on a "Mission For Everyone" to Build Successful Online Businesses

May 30, 2022

Said Shiripour (Photo : Said Shiripour)

They say the best products come from people having a problem. Said Shiripour's problem was that there were too many products out there and not one fit all of his needs. If you've ever started to build out an online presence for your business, you quickly learn there are thousands of products out there. Said felt that digital entrepreneurs these days are more focused on building products than building solutions to help others create success. 

Said Shiripour is an Iranian-born entrepreneur and philanthropist who believes in the power of a simple idea. He's come from humble beginnings and understands what it takes to be successful. At the young age of 10 years old, Said Shiripour with his family left their homeland as refugees to build a new life in Germany.

Mr. Shiripour started his journey in affiliate marketing by reading books and attending online training on the subject. But he soon realized that he needed to get his hands dirty and start experimenting with it himself.  He never stopped pushing himself, which led him to start his own affiliate marketing company while he was still in his 20s.

While Said was still in college, he was using his passion for digital marketing to support himself. There were countless nights spent testing and trialing new digital products. It was through this trial and error that started a fire inside Said Shiripour. He didn't want countless other people to waste all the time and money with this testing. He wanted to share his learnings with as many people as possible. 

After all, it was his true desire to be a successful entrepreneur who enriches the lives of others. It become his mission to start bringing as many people on this journey of success as he could. 

From Zero to over 1 Million Euros in 14 Months

Quickly after the decision was made, Said set out to record 120 videos on his journey of learning and implementing affiliate marketing tips. He later uploaded the videos online, which again required him to navigate another complicated software. Launching his first online course and tapping into his wealth of knowledge, leading to near-instant success for Said Shiripour.  And just like that, 'Evergreen System' was born. 

Evergreen System became the most successful digital information product sold in the German-speaking region. Said Shirpour knew his value and the wealth of knowledge available in the product, he set his pricing accordingly. After only 14 months, Shiripour generated 1.4 million euros in sales and made his dream of becoming a successful businessman a reality. 

"I was very happy, spent very little money, and did what I loved," said Shiripour. "I started completely from zero and taught myself everything I needed to know. The more results I had, the more I believed in the idea and myself. You'll see; the same thing will happen to you."  

At the end of the 'Evergreen System' era, this digital information product generated more than 3.6 million euros in sales and was listed as the number one product on the all-in-one digital sales platform international affiliate network platform - Digistore24.

(Photo : Said Shiripour)

Said Shiripour's Success Become Everyones' Success 

Following the success of his first multi-million dollar venture, Said knew it was time to take things to the next level. He wanted to share his new learnings with as many people as he could. Said Shiripour wanted to share his learnings on successfully launching an information product. "In one night, the product generated 100,000 euros in sales," he proudly explained. It was clear that the message Shirpour was sharing was resonating with people on a large scale. 

Shiripour wasn't quite ready to stop there, he launched various other information products on topics that range from lead generation to social media advertising, performance marketing to SEO. If there was a digital marketing topic, it was a sure bet that Shiripour covered it in one of his courses. To date, Said and his team have released 50 different products and four software launches, generating more than 56 million euros in sales. 

While business was growing, he divided his attention between the business and becoming an author. It was time for Said to share his personal journey to teach others his secrets to success, focus, and doing what you love. 'All In: The Shortcut to Success' and 'The Perfect Online Business' are still studied by German-speaking people all over the world.   

The next venture in Said Shiripour's journey 

It was no secret, that Said Shiripour spent most of his early entrepreneurial career frustrated with the platforms on the market available to budding entrepreneurs. Building a successful online business is not something that people can just do overnight. 

One of the biggest challenges, he recognized, was having to learn, manage and synchronize so many different types of software at once. As he came to understand, these programs were often not only difficult to navigate, but also quite costly, requiring monthly subscription fees that could really add up fast.    

Cooperating with all these enterprise software solutions is a big headache. That's why Shiripour knew there must be a better way to deal with them. Creating your own business is hard and it's a lot to take on. There are all these different things you need to pay for, such as software and hosting. Said Shiripour wanted to give people like him the help and support with this so they can create their own business without the hassle of figuring out how all the different aspects work themselves together. It was time to create his own. 

Soon after, was born.

Founded in October 2019, was born from the idea that it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to set up a site and start generating leads. As someone who's been in the web business for a long time, Mr. Shiripour wanted to see whether or not it was possible to automate everything you need at once - instead of investing time and money into tools. is designed for coaches, trainers, affiliate marketers, consultants, and entrepreneurs starting in online marketing.

"I brought several developers together to create as I wanted to make the life of my customers easier with an all-in-one software product for their online marketing business," Shiripour explained. 

It Doesn't Get Easier Than This boasts an intuitive user experience and an easy-to-use interface that doesn't break the bank. Gone are the days that you have to spend more time figuring out your platforms (and burning out your budget) than spending the time doing what entrepreneurs do best, building businesses. 

Said and his team designed to eliminate the need to buy and master multiple software products, which is great for tech-challenged business owners. It also provides a one-stop solution that generates online sales, lead generation and marketing funnels.

Said Shiripour and the team at have created amazing funnel-building software with a broad range of features to keep in mind the needs of both new and advanced online sellers. Using a drag and drop website builder and other features, you can quickly create a site with a trendy design that your customers will love. Online cloud storage ensures data is safe and accessible anytime. want to provide businesses with everything they need to target customers and achieve desired sales goals. The first of its kind software to help business owners avoid wasting their time or breaking their budget on finding multiple solutions. 

One of the best things about is how easily it integrates with all the popular payments and email marketing solutions. Including Mail Chimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse and more.

The Solution Based Tool Putting Business Owners First offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs as well as professionals in any industry to generate leads, increase revenue and reach motivated customers. "The best part of this software is that you'll be able to do this at the right point in their buyer's journey so they're more inclined to buy your product or service" - Jonas Schmidt (Business Owner and Customer) is a one-stop solution for entrepreneurs who want to automate their leads and sales funnels without coding or designing pages by themselves. Shiripour and his engineering team created to give business owners the opportunity to create an entire marketing funnel on one platform, with all the right tools in place. It's a versatile tool that has everything you need, without charging you exorbitant fees or requiring extensive training.

Headquartered out of Dubai Media City (UAE),  EZFunnels also has offices in Switzerland, Turkey and Singapour. The journey for EZFunnels and Said Shiripour is one of continuous evolution and growth. Said Shiripour mentors his global team of over 50 staff to elevate their skills and the offering they give to the EZFunnels community.

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