ShowPoint (Freeware)

Jan 6, 2023

Start slideshows from continually monitored folders with this intuitive application that allows users to load either the last created or last modified presentations

Adequate advertising is very important in the business world, as it can mean the difference between a successful venture and a flop. It is of no wonder then that programmers have created numerous tools to assist entrepreneurs and managers in making their products visible to the wider public. Although not able to generate slideshows on its own, ShowPoint can significantly boost the exposure of a product by running presentations on remote displays.

Loop slideshows at a remote location

The program features a very simple setup and GUI, allowing newcomers to jump right in and display presentations. As mentioned, the application has no editing abilities so anyone who intends to employ it should have ready-to-display slides. Given its intended purpose, the program has a noteworthy function, in that it can be configured to continually monitor a source folder for updated slideshows.

Users can adjust this function slightly, as the tool can watch for newly created or newly modified PPTs. With this setup, one can effectively employ the utility as a remote viewer for slideshows. Thus, if the client is connected to a server, administrators can update the presentations displayed on-screen in real-time.

Will only play the last modified or created slideshow

Also useful is the ability to start ShowPoint automatically, upon logging in to Windows. Once properly configured, the tool will display the presentation repeatedly while continuing to monitor the source directory for updates.

This setup allows users to display slideshows at remote locations while retaining some control over the process via the monitored folder. This being said, it would have been great if more than one item could be loaded, complete with a queue system where one could prioritize between the files in the source directory.

The general impression left by the application is that of a simple advertising utility able to play one slideshow at a remote location

To conclude, ShowPoint is a simple tool for anyone involved in the advertising business. It can display PPT shows remotely and scans continually for new content in a target directory. The ability to load only a single item does tend to limit the power of the utility.

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