Take the Rake at Trollhaugen: Haley Boucot

Nov 27, 2021

Instagram: @lil_zoinker Home Resort: Loon Mountain, NH Current Resort: Woodward Park City, UT Years on the Job: 4

Currently listening to: podcasts or music

Favorite thing about being on park crew: The family aspect, for sure! Over the season, you really bond with your coworkers. At some point they start to become more like family than people you work with. You have to learn how to communicate and rely on one another when building/digging together. Raking and digging together creates a real special bond.

Words of wisdom: Be vocal and ask questions! I probably wouldn’t have gotten a park crew job if I hadn’t expressed wanting the job on a chair lift while my future manager was sitting next to me. It can seem intimidating starting a job on park crew, especially if it’s mostly dudes, but I guarantee everyone is as hyped as you about the job! Asking questions and being vocal is how you learn and everyone at some point was where you were, just beginning and learning how to do it.

Meet the other female builders at Take the Rake at Trollhaugen 2021.

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