The Endless Loop: How Brands Can Get Started On TikTok

May 19, 2022

Tim Maier is the CEO of Brand Boosting GmbH , which is currently one of the most successful e-commerce agencies in the DACH region.


TikTok is still not seen as a marketing platform by many advertisers. However, using it correctly can yield great results. I am the CEO of a company that uses TikTok for advertising and that has helped many brands get started on TikTok, and I see great potential for companies on the platform. The platform’s endless loop of (branded) content can be effective for selling by entertaining.

Take advantage of the layout.

On TikTok, whether via posting in the community directly or via paid advertising, wide reach and low click prices can attract many people. I think the unique thing about the platform is the layout of the advertising. When scrolling through the feed, it can be hard to distinguish advertising from regular content. If you take advantage of this, you can get the full potential out of the platform.

I’ve found that creative videos that don’t look like advertising are the key to success here—cell phone videos with lower quality instead of high-resolution, extensively produced, expensive advertising clips. Speaking authentically into the camera and promoting your product are often preferred by consumers.

Is the sales funnel no longer relevant?

According to a study published by TikTok, the sales process and users’ needs have been thoroughly examined. The study asserts that the traditional marketing funnel has become less relevant in today’s world, where shopping and entertainment are closely intertwined. Customer journeys rarely follow a straight line from one touchpoint to the next.

Instead, customers exit and reenter the process multiple times through “an infinite loop with no start or end point.” By consistently engaging with consumers, brands can “establish more meaningful relationships with consumers that result in communities of brand loyalists, repeat purchases, and greater spending.” The infinite loop may be more practical than a traditional funnel if you want to establish a long-term, loyal customer base.

Successful businesses depend on trends and community.

What should brands do to maximize their potential on the platform? On the one hand, maintain a consistent presence with regular content and ads. Brands can also work with influencers, who often achieve astounding engagement rates on TikTok. You should also work to pick up on existing trends for both formats. Furthermore, interaction with the community is an essential aspect—for example, consider performing duets with users or responding to comments.

How can brands get started on TikTok?

If you are new to the platform, first make sure that you understand the trends and the type of content on TikTok. I think the best way to do this is to familiarize yourself with the content for a few days in the app. To get started, you should also define a fixed strategy for your content. If you have difficulties here, look at how more prominent brands successfully implement their content.

Good videos and good content on TikTok can be filmed with a mobile phone; this will fit better with the rest of the platform. You should make sure that your content is not too promotional or too professional, as I’ve found this tends to discourage users from scrolling through your page.

Pay attention to the current trends and jump on board. TikTok is a platform that currently can reach vast audiences; if the platform is used correctly and repeatedly, you can get away from the funnel and make the transition to the endless loop model.

A big challenge for companies that are new to TikTok is growth. I’ve found you have to be very active and produce content regularly to be rewarded by the algorithm. The easiest way to grow is to follow the trends currently on TikTok. Even if many trends don’t seem like they could be used for your business, be creative, and you will quickly find a fantastic concept that suits you. What is essential is that you dare to produce content that does not correspond to the standard corporate design and guidelines.

I think that TikTok has considerable potential. The algorithm, the content and the community make the platform a potent marketing channel. Large and small companies should aim to produce relevant content to take advantage of the existing reach. My company has tried it and achieved incredible results with low budgets, so I believe it is worth spending your time. Whether through lead generation, e-commerce or offline trade, every brand can access their full potential on the platform.

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