What Is a Video? – Ultimate Marketing Dictionary

Jan 7, 2023

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Question 1/12

Which term describes the intentional alignment of content with marketing and business goals?

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
Question 2/12

Which term refers to the total monetary value of retaining a single customer over their lifetime?

  • Marketing Qualified Lead
  • Share of Voice
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Attribution Modeling
Question 3/12

Which term describes the phases of the buying cycle from unawareness of a product all the way through to making an actual purchase?

  • Marketing Funnel
  • Marketing Process
  • Sales Qualified Lead
  • List Segmentation
Question 4/12

Which term refers to promoting a single message or campaign across multiple channels?

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Cross-Channel Marketing
  • Content Distribution
  • Cross-Device Marketing
Question 5/12

Which term below is not considered part of the marketing mix?

  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Publicity

Question 6/12

Which term describes …

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