What is Walmart’s College Program?

Apr 17, 2022

The relationship between an employee and employer deepens when they care for each other. The strong bond in turn strengthens the trust between them. Any organization should have trustworthy employees for long and sustained growth. In order to gain the trust of an employee, companies follow various strategies. Walmart has tried to win the trust of its employee. Well, how exactly? Walmart has agreed to take care of the tuition fees of its employees in case they are willing to pursue a degree. I will expand on this Walmart college program. Continue reading till the end and leave the page without any doubts left.

What Is Walmart College Program?


The College Program is officially called “Live Better U”(LBU) by Walmart. As a part of this program, a Walmart associate will be able to pursue his/her degree for free. This is because Walmart would be covering their tuition and book fees. They can get into any of the 10 participating institutions. However, only U.S. associates would be able to participate in this program. An employee becomes eligible for this program on his/her first day of employment at Walmart. Don’t stop here, I will elucidate on this program in this article.

What Would One Benefit From the Walmart College Program?

Walmart Staff

Firstly, the tuition and book fees of the Walmart associate are completed covered by Walmart. As a result, the students don’t have to bother about either tuition or books. Earlier, one had to pay $1 a day to be part of this program. However, recently, Walmart has reconsidered and canceled that fee. The LBU has now joined hands with Guild education, an organization that manages Walmart’s education assistance program. This has made the execution of the program more efficient.

The program is not limited to college students. It extends beyond and lets the student complete his/her high school. Furthermore, they also cover the money required for college preparation. For students who wanna pursue a master’s degree, the LBU helps them by offering discounts on their degrees. In case, you want to pursue a certificate program in specialized fields, Walmart has got your back. Walmart would take care of the fee of the certificate program.

The employees who are planning to upskill can enroll themselves in skill development programs. The fee would be taken care of by LBU. Learning languages has been considered one of the important skills as well. As a result, the employee can learn languages for free. Walmart wants a multifaceted workforce, and funding for this skill development program would help Walmart. Throughout the course of your education, the Guild would be providing you with the guidance you need. Additionally, they would explain to you the pros and cons. This, in turn, would help you decide better.

What are Walmart College Tuition Schools?

Online Course

As of now, 10 schools are taking part in the LBU program. They are,

  • The University of Arizona
  • The University of Denver
  • Wilmington University
  • Voxy EnGen
  • Purdue University Global
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Pathstream
  • Brandman University
  • Johnson Wales University
  • Penn Foster

Are you wondering where they are located? Are you worried that you have to relocate? Well, you don’t have to worry at all because most of them are completely online. Additionally, the brick-and-mortar ones also function remotely/online. Therefore, stop worrying about location.

How Do Walmart College Tuition Schools Function?

Remote learning

The schools upload course material such as videos, slideshows, and written lessons online. They would provide access to students. Furthermore, the students can interact with their fellow students online using the discussion boards. Don’t worry. Students will not be left alone. There would be professors and counselors. They will guide the students until they finish their education. However, The student should manage to complete the course on his/her own because no one would be pushing around to complete the tasks. The staff is there to clear your doubts. The assignments are automatically available online. You should take your own time and complete them. You should try to motivate yourself. Unlike, brick-and-mortar classes, online classes are less competitive. Hence, self-motivation is the best solution for this.

What Is the Fee to Be Part of the Walmart College Program?

As I mentioned earlier, there used to be a $1 fee per day. However, now you don’t have to pay any fee to be part of this program. The main reason for Walmart to scrap the fee was the loss encountered by the employees. Even though $1 per day seems less, on a yearly basis one has to pay hundreds of dollars. This would be a burden for them. As a result, Walmart removed the fee.

How to Sign Up for the Walmart College Program?

You can sign up right away by visiting This webpage is dedicated to students who want to enroll in the Walmart college program also known as Liver Better U (LBU). Check the various types of courses, schools, and different skill development programs that are offered under the LBU program. However, in order to sign up for this program, you would need your Walmart employee ID. Once you sign in, you will be able to explore all the courses that you can pursue. Additionally, you will be able to see the Professional certificates that you can earn, types of career diplomas, and various college degrees you can pursue under this program.

What Are Some Restrictions to Joining the Walmart College Program?

There are a few restrictions and exclusions in the Walmart college program. Firstly, the type of degrees one can pursue. You can pursue only degrees related to business, healthcare, supply chain management, and technology. You cannot pursue degrees that are not pertinent to Walmart employee skills. If you are a Walmart associate who already has an undergraduate degree, you are not eligible for another undergraduate degree. If you are a temporary employee who had been hired for the holiday season, then you are not eligible for the program. An employee who receives a high salary is not eligible for this program. Similarly, an employee who is working at a Market level and above is not eligible.

How Much Does It Cost for Walmart to Run the LBU Program?

Walmart is investing heavily in the LBU program that covers the tuition and book fees of its employees. It is definitely exorbitant. Well, Walmart has told that it is investing nearly $1 billion in its employees. A large part of that money would be used for this program. According to a popular estimate, Walmart is employing more than 2.2 million people. At least, one million employees would be eligible for this program. We can estimate, thousands of employees to participate in this program. That would require a lot of money.

However, this amount is relatively less when compared to the revenue generated by Walmart. It has been reported that Walmart has created $500 billion in just one year. That is a lot of money. Considering the amount allocated to the LBU program, this is like 500 times higher. I am sure, that the investment for the program would be less than 50% of the profit Walmart is receiving. Still, LBU isn’t the only program that Walmart has for its employee.

Does Walmart Still Offer Scholarships for College?

Since Walmart is already taking care of the tuition and book fees, last year Walmart withdrew from the scholarship program. This happened on the 1st of February 2021. However, it has promised to continue funding the existing scholarships until the beneficiary completes his/her degree. Now, Walmart wants to coordinate its education assistance via the Live Better U program. They want all their education assistance to work under one umbrella. Now that they are able to manage it under one umbrella, they are able to function better. Moreover, they joined hands with Guild education, who are helping them with education assistive programs such as Live Better U.


Live Better U is one of the best educational assistance programs initiated by Walmart. This is helping millions of its employees to get better in life. The world is more competitive than ever. Having a stagnant career would lead you nowhere. Additionally, it is one of the best chances for people who want to climb high in their careers. In this article, I have discussed the Walmart college program, officially known as Live Better U (LBU). Furthermore, I have explained the benefits of the program and the eligibility criteria to become a beneficiary of the program. In order to sign up, I have provided the link to the webpage you have to visit. Once you visit the webpage, enter login credentials to know more information. Lastly, I have discussed the scholarship offered by Walmart. I hope you found the information helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) – Walmart College Tuition Schools

1. When will an employee become eligible to become a beneficiary of the LBU program?

An employee becomes eligible to participate in this program on the day of his joining.

2. Are high salaried Walmart associates eligible for this program?

No. The high salaried and those working at the market level are not eligible to become a beneficiary of this program.

3. How much did Walmart invest in this program?

Last year, Walmart announced that it would be investing around 1 billion in its employees.

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