'What the hell was that?' Trump blew up at White House aides after Kushner initiative crashed and burned

Dec 13, 2021

According to another excerpt from Axios journalist Barak Ravid's book "Trump's Peace: The Abraham Accords and the Reshaping of the Middle East," Donald Trump pitched a fit after a Middle East peace plan pulled together by son-in-law Jared Kushner collapsed during a highly publicized announcement with the Israelis.

The report from Business Insider, states that Ravid discovered negotiations broke down and, when the former president was apprised of the collapse, bellowed at White House aides, "What the hell was that?"

According to the book, as reported by Business Insider, Trump -- who wanted to count on then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be on his side in an effort to woo Jewish voters -- assigned Kushner as his representative to Netanyahu because they had a previous relationship.

Reporting, "Trump's relationship with Netanyahu had already soured leading up to the rollout ... with Trump feeling like some of his pro-Israel moves, including recognizing Israel's annexation of the Golan Heights from Syria and moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, hadn't been sufficiently appreciated and reciprocated by Netanyahu."

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With that in mind, the report notes that in election year 2020 "the Trump administration unveiled a 'peace plan' for the Middle East" with Kushner leaving the Palestinians on the outside looking in, which led to them to reject it.


Despite Kushner's plan heavily favoring Israel, the announcement of the plan -- and the favorable publicity that should have followed it -- went off the rails when Netenyahu "caused an uproar by suggesting the U.S. initiative was a green light for the annexation of the occupied West Bank," which the Trump administration was not willing to endorse.

According to a Trump official, that incensed the White House which believed that Netanyahu was trying to use Trump for his own aims as he faced a tough election.

Business Insider adds, "The relations between the two leaders reached its worst point after the 2020 election, when Trump was enraged over Netanyahu acknowledging President Joe Biden's victory, telling Ravid, 'f*ck him' in an interview for the book."

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