Why Tesla was kicked out of the S&P 500's ESG index (Lora Kolodny/CNBC)

May 18, 2022

Taylor Lorenz / Washington Post:

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Reid J. Epstein / New York Times:

Election Deniers Thrive Even as Trumpism Drifts: 5 Primary Takeaways   —  Pennsylvania's Republican Senate contest, the biggest and most expensive race of a five-state primary night, is a photo finish between David McCormick, a former hedge fund executive, and Dr. Mehmet Oz, the celebrity surgeon.

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Colby Itkowitz / Washington Post: Trump urges Oz to ‘declare victory’ before vote tally complete in Pa.

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Scoop: DHS preparing for violence following abortion ruling   —  The U.S. government is bracing for a potential surge in political violence once the Supreme Court hands down the ruling that's expected to overturn Roe v. Wade, according to a Department of Homeland Security memo obtained by Axios.

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Sara Fischer / Axios:

Scoop: Chris Wallace to anchor new show on CNN   —  Warner Bros. Discovery, CNN's new parent company, plans to announce during its upfront presentation to advertisers on Wednesday that Chris Wallace will host a Sunday evening show on CNN. … - CNN struck a multimillion-dollar contract with Wallace last year.

The Economist:

The Putin Show   —  How the war in Ukraine appears to Russians  —  When vladimir putin was first elected president of Russia in 2000, he changed little in the office he inherited from Boris Yeltsin.  Yet in place of a pen on the desk, Mr Putin put a television remote control, one visitor noted.


Lora Kolodny / CNBC:

Why Tesla was kicked out of the SP 500's ESG index   — In a blog post Wednesday, the SP explained why it kicked Tesla out of its ESG index earlier this month.  — It said that Tesla's “lack of a low-carbon strategy” and “codes of business conduct,” along with racism …

Washington Post:

Turkey blocks start of NATO talks on Finland's and Sweden's applications   —  BRUSSELS — Turkey blocked the start of Finland and Sweden's accession talks to NATO on Wednesday shortly after the Nordic nations submitted their formal applications, a signal of what could be a bumpy process to expand …

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Mona Charen / The Bulwark:

The Time to Prevent the Next Coup Attempt Is Now   —  Down-ballot, unsexy races at the state and local level will determine if there's a free and fair election in 2024.  —  (SHUTTERSTOCK)  —  In 1980, because I was an idealistic conservative eager to do my bit for democracy, I volunteered for my local Republican party.

U.S. Soccer Official Website:

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Bilge Ebiri / Vulture:

Tom Cruise's Last Stand   —  Thirty-six years after the original, Top Gun: Maverick eulogizes the actor's entire career.  —  I'd never noticed the curiously melancholy overtones of Harold Faltermeyer's famous Top Gun theme until the opening moments of the brand-new Top Gun: Maverick.

Ramesh Ponnuru / Bloomberg:

Great Replacement Theory Is a Grand Delusion   —  When a killer expounds on his derangements, it poses a special challenge.  We have to take his words seriously without, at the same time, taking them seriously; to understand their import without paying them respect.


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